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13 Slave Names, Thomas Kilby, Culpeper Co.
  • unlkilby December 2015
    Through ongoing research into the descendants of John Kilby (~1710-1772) of Culpeper County, I have identified the names of seven slaves owned by Thomas Kilby (1791-1834) and his wife Malinda (Hawkins) Kilby and five others my Malinda's father. Starting with the inventory of Thomas, who died intestate in 1834, they are

    - negro boy, Henry
    - negro woman, Sarah
    - Sarah's child, Juliett Ann

    Juliett Ann may have been a newborn in 1834 because she is not mentioned in a September 1833 accounting of property of Malinda's deceased father, James Hawkins. In that document there are eight slaves named and their subsequent owners:

    - negro man named Isaac to Augustine Hawkins
    - negro man Andrew to Thomas J. Hawkins
    - negro man Ben to Jacob Rudasilla
    - negro boy Henry to Thomas Kilby
    - negro girl Sarah to Thomas Kilby
    - negro woman & child, Betty & Mary to Thomas J. Hawkins
    - negro girl Rachel to Bluford Thornhill

    In early 1865 Malinda's son brought (a later dismissed) suit in Rappahannock County claiming ownership of Juliett and her four young children. Named in the suit were

    - Juliet(t)
    - Simon
    - John
    - James
    - Sarah

    The birth years for Simon, John, and James are thought to be 1855, 1857, and 1862 respectively; the birth year of the child Sarah is unknown. According to one living descendant, the father of Simon was a Kilby nephew of Thomas, one of my direct ancestors. Simon and James are known to take Kilby as their surname, and there descendants have been identified. The patriarch John Kilby and his sons and grandsons were yeoman farmers that owned one or several slaves, not yet identified by name. Research into the slaves of generations of Culpeper, Rappahannock, and Madison counties Kilbys is ongoing. An unrecorded and abandoned burial site with multiple unmarked graves has been recently discovered on the historic lands of Kilbys in Culpeper County, and these may be graves of early slaves.

    It is my greatest wish to identify and acknowledge, with names and stories if at all possible, those African Americans that are a part of my heritage, to honor their lives and contributions, and to share my knowledge with their living descendants so that they may also give tribute.

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