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Hannah Reynolds and Davidson descendants of Appomattox County.
  • unldaniel January 2016
    Here at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park in Appomattox, VA we are attempting to piece together the greater story of the life of Hannah Reynolds- the only civilian casualty of the battle of Appomattox Court House that immediately preceded the surrender of General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia to General U.S. Grant. Until very recently it was believed that Hannah (who had stayed behind at the home of her owner Dr. Samuel and Amanda Coleman after they had fled) had perished the same day she was wounded.
    Then records of her death were discovered that showed that she malingered on until the 12th of April, 1865. Her death certificate was signed by none other than Dr. Samuel Coleman who identified himself as Hannah's "former owner." It seems that although Hannah was wounded as an enslaved woman, she died a free woman."

    It seems that Hannah and her husband Abram had 2 daughters: Josephine or "Josie" born around 1856, and Eliza born around 1860.
    In the 1880 census for Clover Hill in Appomattox County, Virginia, Josephine is shown as living with her husband Daniel Davidson and their 2 sons- Richard (age 2) and Edmond (7 months.) Her Father Abram, Step-Mother Martha as well as her five siblings lived with Josie as well.
    That is the end of the information we have been able to discover so far. If you have any further information please share with us as we attempt to honor the life of Hannah and her descendants.

    David Wooldridge

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