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Search for Paul Patterson and Mary Patterson
  • unlrob February 2016
    I am looking for information on my ancestor Paul Patterson. I first became aware of him from 1870 Federal Census records taken in Tallahassee, Florida. He was 45 yoa and born abt 1825. The census indicated that he was born in Virginia. Paul occupation was wood cutter. His wife name was Mary Patterson also born in Virginia. Mary was 40 yoa and born abt 1830. Mary was a wash woman. According to the census, the three older children were all born in Florida: Annie 18 yoa, Amanda 16 yoa, and Elizabeth 13 yoa. The oldest daughter Annie was born abt 1852. So, I would think they arrived in Florida sometime around 1852 before the Civil War. Just a guess.
    I would appreciate any assistance in finding more info about where they possible lived in Virginia and how they got to Florida.

    Thanks and God bless.
  • unlkilby February 2016
    Do you know which county or area of Virginia, a plantation name, or something else to go on?
  • unlrob February 2016
    Unfortunately, I don't known the county or area of Virginia they came from.

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