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William J. Hill and Harriet Hill of Amherst County, Virginia
  • Timothius01Timothius01 December 2011
    Does anyone have information regarding the slave owner of William J. Hill of Amherst County, Virginia? William was born in 1800. He married Harriet Unknown. Harriet was born on May 10, 1810 in Virginia. She died on May 30, 1891 in Amherst County (Elon), Virginia at the age of 81 years and is buried in Scott Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. William's and Harriet's children were Ann Hill and Anthony Hill. Near her mother, Harriet Hill, Ann Hill Murphy Parrish is also buried at Scott Zion Baptist Church Cemetery.
  • Marines October 2012
    Well, we have William, Parrish, and Hill mentioned in the following family...hope it fgives you a lead. JB

    Nathaniel Hill family of Amherst County: (1740 Va - 1807 Amherst Co., Va) m/Nanny Parrish m/September 03, 1767 in Goochland Co., Va. She is thought to be the daughter of William Parrish and Elizabeth Perkins. Some sources believe that Nathaniel Hill was the son of John Hill who married Tabitha Bailey. This John Hill may have had a second wife named Tolliver (a variant of Taliaferro.) If true, Captain John Hill and Nathaniel Hill might be related.

    a. William Parrish Hill, Jr ( 1776 Va. – 1837 Nelson Co., Va. m/Susannah Jacobs (1780 Va. - 1852 Nelson Co., Va. ) on 25 Dec. 25, 1801 in Amherst Co., Va.
    b. Lucy Hill (Abt. 1775 - Unknown ) m/John Jacobs, Jr on 21 March 1796 in Amherst Co., Va. and died in DeKalb Co., Al
    c. Mary Taboth Hill m/William Kincaid Bibbb on 21 Feb. 1811 in Nelson Co., Va.
    d. Nathaniel Hill, Jr (Abt. 1772 Va. – d:1836 in Nelson Co., Va.)
    e. George Hill b/Abt. 1775
    f. John Perkins Hill b/Abt. 1775
    g. Elizabeth b. Hill b/Abt. 1775 m/William Ryan 6 Feb. 1805 in Amherst Co., Virginia
    h. Nancy Hill b/ Abt. 1775 m/Thomas R. Drake on 30 Dec. 1805 in Amherst Co., Va
  • Timothius01Timothius01 October 2012
    Thanks. Marines. I'll explore this.
  • thornhilly October 2012
    I like to thank you guys for exploring the Cosby's roots it help me a lot I'm a thornhill living in Washington DC my grandfather was Kyle thornhill his brother titty owns thornhill funeral home that's my great uncle

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