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Slaves of Alexander Munden of Princess Anne, Virginia
  • unldbarker January 2017
    On 8 October 1855, a Slave baby girl, named Ann, was born to Slave Antoinette. On the census form the father of the baby was named as Alexander Munden, Owner.
    Alexander Munden (1822-1878) owned 5 slaves on 27 Jun 1860. They were identified only as F of 18, F of 10, M of 6/12, M of 35, M of 18. He owned 220 acres of land at Morse's Point on the North River, inherited from his father Nathan Munden, also a slave holder. In Sep of 1868, the holder of a trust deed to the property sold it to satisfy Munden's creditors.
    I have looked without success for Antoinette and Ann in census records. Perhaps someone is looking for this information.
    D Barker

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