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MOKER, MOECHER, MOECKER, MOSKINS, MOKENS of Shirley (Charles City Cty) OR Dropmore (near Salem)
  • unlpag April 2017
    According to death certificates from several offspring, my ggg-grandmother was named Jennie (possibly Virginia) Moskins (but 1 cert says Mokins), probably born around 1830; my ggg-grandfather was named George Braxton. Both lived on Nathaniel Burwell's Dropmore Farm near Salem, but I slightly suspect her parent(s) came from Shirley Plantation when Burwell married Lucy Carter in 1809. Other possible place of origin is River Hill/Vermont farm in King William Cty. Apart from a Dick Moker, a Nancy Mokins, and a Grace Moker, I am really struggling to locate this anglicized German surname in or around the area. At this point, I'm looking for just about any African-Americans with aforementioned surname(s). If you have run across this surname in your search, please know that I would be grateful for any tips, clues, or guidance. Thanks!!! page

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