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EMELINE: Greensville County,VA
  • unlbjones November 2017
    My fourth great-grandmother, Emeline Potts Epps, was born about 1840 in Greensville County, Virginia. Per an 1861 deed of trust, she was held enslaved by Greensville County court clerk, John W. Potts, and conveyed (along with 10 other souls, 4 of them were Emeline’s own children) as security to John R. Chambliss, Sr., in trust for a debt that Potts owed to his former business partner, John T.J. Mason.

    Emeline and Henrietta Potts (also listed, along with her 2 children, in the 1861 deed of trust) were butcher-shop keepers, per an 1866 IRS tax assessment list. The relationship between Emeline and Henrietta is presently unknown.

    In 1870, Emeline was in the household of her husband, Benjamin Epps. They lived very near to the residence of John R. Chambliss, Sr., according to the census record of that year.

    In 1878, John W. Potts passed away, and about two months later, Emeline was the recipient of a deed of trust between Benjamin D. Tillar, Jr. and Ethelred L. Turner.

    In the 1900 census, Benjamin Epps, stated that he was widowed; however, I have not been able to learn when Emeline passed away. I do believe that there is a great deal more to learn about Emeline, and I am requesting any information that may be available. I am descended from Emeline’s daughter, Josephine (1865-1938).

    Thanks for your time!


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