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Jane West of Appomattox and Amherst Counties, Virginia
  • Timothius01Timothius01 December 2011
    Does anyone have information regarding the slave owner of Jane West? Jane was born in 1840 in Appomattox County, Virginia. She was married to Caleb Linthicum, and they lived in Amherst County, Virginia. She died in 1897 in Amherst County (Elon), Virginia at the age of 57 years. The 1870 census reports that Jane West was a Mulatto. Jane and Caleb's children were: James Linthicum, Archer Linthicum, Sabra Linthicum, Bartley Linthicum, Caleb Linthicum Jr., Martha Linthicum, London Linthicum, Henry Linthicum, Simon Linthicum, and Annie Linthicum.
  • Cyn July 2012
    Hi Timothius01,
    I just saw your post and thought some of these names looked familiar.
    I did a little searching on the Thornhill side of my family a while back and came across the
    Linthicum name.
    Downtown in the Clerk of Court records I found these marriage records:

    **William Thornhill (James) 1859 Married Zabria Linthicum

    **James O. Thornhill (38)
    ---Parents: William & Sabrie LInthicum Thornhill of Madison Heights, Va.
    Olivia Blair Withers (no age listed)
    ---Parents: Preston & Rosa Carter Blair of Amherst, Va.

    I think Zabria and Sabrie may be the same person.
    Hope this helps.
    I also saw on another post that you are from Buckingham Virginia. I would like to know if you have heard of any Negro Thornhill families that lived there.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Timothius01Timothius01 August 2012
    Thank you for the info, Cyn.

    Caleb Linthicum and Jane West are my third great grandparents. I'm sure you know that Bill Cosby descended from Caleb Linthicum and Jane West. They are his second great grandparents. Though I've been able to work back to 1870 through census records, my difficulty is in determining where these ancestors were during slavery.

    I've discovered the following interesting connections between the Thornhills and Linthicums:

    James Linthicum married Mary Thornhill 1/4/1882
    William A. Thornhill married Sabra Linthicum 6/13/1883
    Henry Thornhill married Ella Linthicum 6/17/1884

    I am from Lynchburg, not Buckingham, so I'm sorry I can't help you with the Thornhill families in Buckingham.

    Thanks Again.
  • Cyn August 2012
    Hi Timothius01,
    I just found this post again, ( I think I should have bookmarked it!) and I too have ran into the Bill Cosby story. When my sisters and I were children, we used to tell our uncle that he looked just like him, never in a million years did we ever think that one day we would actually be told that Mr. Cosby was related to us somehow.

    I too, ran into brick wall after brick wall trying to find ancestors before 1870. You look at the slave schedules and they don't really tell you anything much.

    I'm from Lynchburg also. I just happend to find on an Old Man's Draft Card for my Mom's grandfather and on it he listed his birth town as Buckingham County, Va., and I recently found out that some of Buckingham was annexed to Appomattox, Va.

    I think I also found the name of the plantation that my set of Thornhill's came from in Appomattox, and that some of them lived in Elon, Amherst as well as Lynchburg, Va.
  • Timothius01Timothius01 August 2012
    Cyn, below is a link to a 2007 article in the Amherst Museum's newsletter that covers the Cosby connection. I think "Zabria" is supposed to be "Sabra." It's spelled several ways, but the name Sabra repeats in the family, so I think that's the proper spelling. There's a Sabra Henry, born around 1858. She and Sabra Linthicum, born in 1862, were first cousins. Later, Archer Linthicum, Sabra Linthicum's brother, name his daughter, born in 1908, Sabra Linthicum.

    Caleb Linthicum's marriage record for his second marriage states he was born in Buckingham County, Virginia. Jane West was born in Appomattox. This is all interesting.

    The link is:
  • Cyn August 2012
    That was very interesting. It would appear to me that if his ancestors were living in Amherst -and listed- does that mean they were free or white?
    To tell you the truth, the more I dig- the more confusing it all is!

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