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Pittsylvania County
  • Monique January 2012
    This is the first time I've used this site. I was excited, until I realized I could not find Pittsylvania listed under counties. The info I'm researching is in that county. Does anyone know if Pitt. Co. records will be included on this site? I've already acquired alot of slave info. Now I'm trying to find owners. My family pretty much stayed in the same area after freedom. I'm just hoping for a little more info! Thanks
  • LauranettLauranett January 2012
    Monique - Thanks for checking out the site. Pittsylvania County will be included. Please check back on a regular basis. We began this project last year and have not made our way to your county yet. We have about 3,000 names included in the database thus far; it's a meticulous process and we are ensuring we get the details right. Lauranett Lee, curator of African American history
  • alberta February 2012
    Hello monique I am also looking for information on slaves in Pittsylvania county but you said that you have acquired alot of slave info. could you tell me some of it because maybe you have some information I am looking for please write it here or at my e-mail please address it genology information because there is alot of spam out there thank you Alberta
  • hootiewoo March 2012
    Hello all,
    My family comes from Pittsylvania County as well, I may have some info fo you, email me: My family names from Pittsylvania are
    ; Thomas, and Watkins.

    Dennis Wooten
  • rbutler March 2012
    My father said our ancestors were from Danville in Pittsburg county, but when I visited I couldn't find any records. My great grand father was Alif Butler and from what I can tell he left Danville and moved to DC between 1861 and 1864. His was Caroline. Any info?

    Robert Butler
  • cherylann67 April 2012
    Hi, I'm looking for information on Henry Kates born abt 1845. His last name has varied in spelling from Keatts on the 1870 census to Kates, to Cates on later census records. He married Cornelius Amelia Coleman and they had abt 12 Children. Since I can't find him on the 1860 census, I'm thinking he might have been born into slavery. The 1870 and 1880 census has him in Pittsylvania. Any help would be great.
  • April August 2012
    Hello All,

    If you are researching anything about your descendants from Danville and or Pittsylvania County, Va, I suggest the following that have help me thus far with my family search there.

    1a. Review the areas ( if you have any census info) where your ancestors lived- In Pittaylvania county areas were know as "District's" example Bannister district. At various times different districts were often inhabited by blacks and whites on farms or areas where both black and whites owned land. Also ther were areas post civil war where only blacks lived ....

    1b. CENSUS RECORDS: Read all of the names on a particular page- familial and land ownership patterns arise periodically. Sometimes, based on my personal research, aduls names may be shortened or a child's name my be his/her nickname- it wsa all probably based on the enumerator who documented the information.

    2. In Virginia, if you were a free person of color (Black, mulattor or other) by law (and based on my research not every free person of color registered) was required to register- pay a fee every few years re register. The register has great information, including physical descriptions, jobs, approximate age and bdays if known, skills... In fact the original register had been preserved in the courthouse locted in the Clerk's Office in Chatham VA. However, this register was transcribed and if you google the title "Pittsylvania County, Virginia Register of Free Negroes and Related Documentation" by Alva H. Griffith is an excelent resource especially if you are unable to get to the courthouse.

    3. Understand the history of the time frame you are researching. What laws were in place, changes in eneurmation practices, the recognition of African Maerican marriages... it all matters.

    4. If you go to the Pittsylvania County Courthouse, be prepared to take your time. Come prepared with what yo uwant to look or such as a proprty deeds (know that whites were listed first then there is colored section) I don't know when that practice ended. There are wills, tax ledgers, marriage records.

    So good luck on your search. Will post more later.
  • aleviyah January 2014
    have you run across a dan and sallie coles? the rumor is they ran to danville, va plantation and took the name of their coles owners. Known children are enice coles (1902) jean coles and possibly laura coles. enice had a son named roy with a woman named alberta in 1922 and when she passed 5 years later he moved to logan WV and remarried. roy says he remembers that enice's dad or grandad did not speak english and his dad told him that he was cherokee indian. it's possible we have relatives in north carolina by danville. please help. need solid proof. :(
  • Henderson1700s October 2014
    I know this is an old post but I do have this county's deed book for the 1700s as I was researching my ancestor who lived here in that time frame.. . you can try to contact me on here if you want me to look up a name.

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