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Oak Hill Plantation
  • Astyrojohn55 January 2012
    I am looking for my great grandmother and her six girls who were slaves on Oak HIll Plantation. They used the last name Hairston and I am assuming that they were owned by a Hairston. They settled in Danville Virginia which is Pittsylvania County. Any information about this plantation and its owners would be helpful.
  • 68Smith February 2012
    There is a book about the Hairstons that lists all the plantations in VA & NC. There was a big plantation in Henry Co, VA.

  • Hairston1962 February 2012
    Hello Hairston's!
    I am new here as of this moment. Just finished watching the news and was made aware of this website. My maiden name is Hairston and my folks' people are from Danville, VA(Pittsylvania County). I have owned the book about the African -American Hairston's for some years now and it is a great reference. You can find it on if you're interested. I am excited always about finding other Hairston's and I do know we all are kin somewhere down the line. A very rare name, although we are everywhere now. I will ask my daddy and his sister(my auntie) more about the names of my great, great grandmother & father and will continue to reach out with any info that I have. Good luck on your journey.

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