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  • bougee September 2011
    Did not find anything but looking for slaves of the Venable family in Louisa Co. particularly a Henry Venable or Sarah Menefee (one spelling) area of Virginia unknown.
  • emooris41 September 2011
    Any information on a slave owner / plantation named Johnston, one county east of Richmond, circa 1840. Apologies for it being a bit vague, but all I have.

    Also, a slave named Elijah Morris, circa 1840-41, possibly from same plantation, but most certainly from the Richmond area.
  • gpeakswade October 2011
    There is an Elijah (b 1836) and Jane Morris (b 1834) in Gloucester, VA. Elijah was free in 1850, working as an oysterman.
  • LauranettLauranett October 2011
    Perhaps looking at the following website might provide some information or additional clues. It was created by Dr.Cassandra Newby-Alexander at Norfolk State University. I have included it in our section entitled Related Resources:
    Waterways to Freedom(

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