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slaves of Griggs family of Charles Town, VA, now WV
  • marleenbhansen February 2012
    In the one file folder of papers of Robert Taylor Berry located at the VA State Library, there is one letter in which names of slaves are listed. His wife was Anne Frame Griggs, and I believe when her father, Dr. Lee Griggs, died a relative wrote to her and listed the slaves.
  • michael10 March 2012
    I'd be interested in this list. I have one letter from Anne Frame Griggs but it doesn't pertain to the slaves. Robert Berry was a traveling preacher if I recall correctly and didn't own slaves himself. Dr. Lee was my ggg-grandfather's brother. My grandfather William Griggs had gone to Palmyra Missouri about 1850 and had taken at least one slave girl with him. She was only a child according to my family history but that might mean anywhere from 0-16. I was always told that the former slaves had stayed with the family after they were freed. If it helps anyone with their family history or if I can help in any way then feel free to contact me and I can share more if it'll help at all.
  • lilart March 2013
    while my grand mom was born in the early 1900 and she is still living today and she told me that she was 14 when my ggg grandfather die his names was george griggs and i just found a list from robert griggs with his name on it how much do you know about the griggs

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