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Chiles Family slave owners - moved from Virginia to Texas
  • Vic February 2012
    Anyone have information on this family as they moved from Virginia to Texas?
  • 2america August 2012
    The AA Chiles surname is part of our tree too.. I've found the Chiles migrated from up the Atlantic instead of down ..a large number was in Carolinas, TN , W.VA into Pennsylvania then into New York..
    I found the older Chiles to be very closed mouthed ..any info from them was very little to none and evasive ... She just died couple of years ago about 108 y/o
    Some did move to Texas they were from TN / GA area.
  • unlmarian September 2015
    I am a Chiles descendent and happy to help, if I can. The Chiles or Childes family originally came from the Bristol area in southwestern England in the form of Lt. Col. Walter Chiles. They settled first in Jamestown. By the 18th Century, there are loads of them in Virginia migrating into NC, SC and thence to Alabama (my line). It all depends on when and where your line split off. Do email me, if you wish. Best wishes.

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