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William Freeland slaveholder in 1830's Maryland
  • Freeland February 2012
    I am an African American whose roots stem from the Maryland, Pa and Va. areas. My maiden name is "Freeland" and I have been wondering about it's origin. I found that a " William Freeland" who was a slaveholder in Maryland and once owned a slave named "Frederick Douglass". I wonder if my decedents who could have had the last name of "Harris" had changed their name to "Freeland" as a result of working for "William Freeland". My great great grandmother was named Ada R. Harris who was married to John H. Freeland. I heard about this wonderful database on the news this morning and have not been able to find any matches with these names.
  • sherylin August 2012
    I am Africn Americn whos roots stem from Henrico County Virginia. My great grandfather, Charles Freeland was born in Virginia (b.1834), great grandmother, Patsy Bryant Crutchfield Freeland (b.1850) in Henrico County, Va. I also am wondering if Charles Freeland was on the farm or plantation of William Freeland. I also wonder if Charles Freeland had roots in Maryland. Both grandparents moved to Saline County, Missouri (known as little Dixie-that's when many white Freelands from Amelia, Henrico, Spotsvania etc moved to Missouri.

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