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Webster family of Hampton Va
  • janieking February 2012
    Katie Webster of Hampton va
  • cpatte1cpatte1 February 2012
    Hi, My name is Cheryl and here is some information on the Websters of Hampton, VA. in my family. My mother was Ruth Waltina Webster, born in 1916. Mom passed away in 2009 at the age of 93. Her father was Walter Scott Webster born in the late 1800's and her mother was Martha (Mattie) Davis Webster, born in 1879. My mother often spoke of an uncle that she called "Papa Sam" (Samuel Webster) who served in World War I. She grew up on Grant Street and relatives lived on Grant and Lincoln Streets. She had a cousin by the name of Ivy Lee Redwood. My mother was also an identical twin. Her sister's name was Martha Elizabeth Webster. I was also able to trace mom's ancestors in Hampton back to 1810 through census records. My profile picture is of my Great Aunt Bertha Webster who was the younger sister of my grandfather Walter Scott Webster.
  • Queenie February 2013
    Hi Cheryl - This is likely "old" information for you but there is a marriage record for Samuel Webster who married a Susan Lockett in Hampton, VA in May of 1874. He was the son of Samuel and Nancy Webster. His place of birth is listed as Elizabeth City, VA. His bride was the daughter of Robert and Patsy Lockett.

    Samuel and Susan were living in Hampton Town, Elizabeth City, VA in 1900. Included in his household was his daughter Bertha Redwood and her husband Joseph Redwood and their young daughter, Bertha.
  • unlcheryl2 January 2015
    Thank you so much! This is great additional information!!!

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