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Hooper Family in Cumberland and Buckingham Counties VA
  • Joseph Hooper-Cumberland Co settled at Hooper's Rock on the James River in 1723. Wife was Elizabeth (last name unknown). A slave cemetery is said to be on the property. Would like to donate a copy of the slave list if names are not in the Unknown database. Plantation name unknown.
    George Hooper (nephew to Joseph) settled in Buckingham Co. around 1760. Wife Elizabeth Cooke. Colonel Hooper was Justice of the Peace for Buckingham Co and died in 1799-1800. Elizabeth died around 1815. Would like to donate for entry into the database a copy of the slave list as well. Plantation name unknown.
    Phone: 301-868-2373
  • LauranettLauranett November 2012
    Hello, Ms. Weberling -
    Thank you for your interest in donating to Unknown No Longer. Since we launched the database last year we have realized an increase in the number of documents to our collections. Oftentimes, the treasures tucked away in attics, basements, bibles and envelopes hold genealogical information that will benefit someone. We appreciate your contacting us. Looking forward...!
  • LauranettLauranett November 2012
    Mrs. Weberling -
    I just called the phone number in your post but was told that no one by the name of Dorthy Weberling was at this location. is there another number where you can be reached?
  • DorothyWeberling November 2012
    No other number. Try 1-301-868-2373 between 5-6PM. I have 2 slave lists from Cumberland and Buckingham Co and would also like to invite you to speak to our Daughters of the American Revolution chapter meeting on a Sunday afternoon toward spring. We meet at Harmony Hall Community Center, and are located in Fort Washington, MD (Prince George's County (close to Washington DC). We plan to invite the community. 30 would be exected.
    A formal invitation would follow from our Chapter Regent.
  • mcmitton February 2013
    From "The Baker Family of England and Central Virginia and many other related families", Baker of Cumberland County.

    RESIDENCE: From Louisa County, Virginia Deed Book B:286 we see that George Hooper was a witness for Benjamin Arnold, 4 April 1758.

    From the First Supplement of "Cumberland County Virginia and Its People":
    Col. George Hooper, Revolutionary War, was born about 1736. By 1782 he owned 1280 acres in Buckingham County. He was a High Sheriff, a vestryman. There were 8 children of his marriage to Elizabeth Cooke. The home is 1/2 mile southeast of Liberty Church (colored) on Buckingham County Road Rt. #633 near Hooper's Mountain. The graveyard has one family stone for Hooper. The place was further owned by Moseleys and VanDines.

    From Second Supplement of "Cumberland County Virginia and Its People"...
    "Elizabeth married Col. George Hooper of "Arcanum", in Buckingham County. "Arcanum", the family seat, was situated on Hooper's Mountain, across from "Rockmill", on the north side of the Big Willis River. Known issue John, Joseph, George, James, Thomas, Stephen, William Benjamin."

    George Hooper inherited the bulk of his uncle Joseph Hooper's estate. From the will of Joseph Hooper we see that George inherited:
    > 3 negroes Harry, Cate, & Cuffe
    > 200 acres on Willis River, part of the 390 acres Joseph Hooper bought from
    Nathaniel Jeffs (?Jeffries), having been granted by King George II.
    > the Great Bible of Joseph Hooper
    > after the death of Henry Trent, Trent's bequest of 200 acres whereon Henry
    Trent was living as the writing of the will.
    > after the death of Henry Trent, Trent's bequest of one negro named Jude
    > one negroe named Dinah and her increase

    12 DEC 1771 Buckingham county, George Hooper, Gentleman: 200 acres surveyed on north draughs of Willis' River between lines of Fry, Nicholas, Epperson, Jefferson and George Hooper, gentleman; neighbors George Hooper's own land, John Nicholas, new lines, Col. John Fry, Nathaniel Epperson.

    Col. George Hooper was a first cousin of Dr. William Cabell of Amherst county.

    Austin-Twyman Papers, Stinson:
    A list of magistrates dated 20 DEC 1777, signed by Patrick Henry at Williamsburg, included George Hooper dead.

    From the parish records of Tillotson Parish:
    At the vestry meeting 3 APR 1771 George Hooper, John Nicholas, Samuel Jordan, John Fearn, Jacob Lindsay, Thomas Blakey, Benjamin Howard, and Samuel Taylor, Gentlemen Vestrymen.
    At the vestry meeting 10 MAR 1772 - George Hooper, vestryman. He resigned being a vestryman in the parish.

    Buckingham County 1800 Tax List:
    George Hooper Estate (Wm. H.) 1-9-8-2
    One white male 16 and over, 9 horses, 8 Negro males over 16 and 2 between twelve and sixteen.

    Will of his uncle Joseph Hooper, May 1751, Cumberland County, Virginia [included below]:
    Joseph Hooper had land in Buckingham County which he received as a grant from King George II. This property was near Arcanum and Willis Mountain, and Joseph bequeathed it to his nephew George Hooper (abt 1751).

    WILL: Cumberland County, Va. no date written, proved May Court 1751.
    Will Book 1:35 Spelling faithfully copied here.

    "In the name of God amen I Joseph Hooper of Cumberland County being sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect mind & memory praised be god and calling to mind the uncertainty of this Life do think conveniant to make this my Last Will and Testament.

    First I commend my soul into the hands of Almightly God my Creator hoping thro the merits and Intercession of my lord and saviour Jesus Christ to be Eternally happy and my body to the Earth to be Decently buried according to the Direction of my Executors hereafter named and to my worldly goods and estate which god hath been pleased to bestow on me my just debts & funural charges being paid I give and Dispose of the same as followeth.

    Item I give and Bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Hooper for her natural life Four negroes Ben, Jude, Dinah, Moll and the plantation whereon I now living containing 200 acres and a feather Bead we now lye on & three cows & calves and all the goods in the house.

    Item I give & bequeath to Elizabeth Stinson one Negro girl named Peg to her & her heirs & if she Dies before she comes of age then the said Pegg is for Joannah Stinson.

    Item I give and bequeath to my son in law Henry Trent 200 acres of land whereon he now lives during his natural life.
    [This is Henry3 [Henry2, Henry1 who married Elizabeth Sherman].

    Item I give and bequeath to John Stinson my silver watch & ten pounds curr't money to be laid out in a set of Black Smiths Tools.

    Item I give and Bequeath to my Beloved wife all ye cattle that is at the fork of Willis's and all the cattle where I now live & one Negro Girl named Sarah to be Disposed as she thinks proper.

    Item I give and Bequeath to my nephew George Hooper three negroes Harry Cate & Cuffe and 200 acres of land on Willises River part of 390 acres that I bought of Nathaniel Jeffs and if the said George Hooper should die without heirs then the said Land & negros are to become Hugh Hoopers and his heirs.

    Item I give and Bequeath to my Beloved wife one negroe boy named Jeffery During her Life and the said negro to Joseph Stinson after her Death.

    Item I give and Bequeath to my nephew George Hooper my Great Bible and 190 acres of Land Joyning the former given him and all my possessions of Land after the Death of my wife & Henry Trent.

    Item I give to the said George Hooper one negroe named Dinah and all her increased and if the said George Hooper died without heirs then the said Lands & negroes to become Hugh Hoopers & his heirs.

    Item I give to my Beloved wife my horse Dragon & all my Stock of Hoggs & all the money that is due to me in England.

    Item I give to Henry Trent one negro named Jude after the Death of my (sic) during the Life of the said Henry Trent and to George Hooper after his Death.

    Item I give to my Beloved wife the Disposing of Ben & Moll as she shall think fit & proper & all the Residue of my Estate that is not Disposed of and Lastly I constitute and appoint my Beloved wife Elizabeth Hooper Executor of this my Last will & testament making null & void all Former wills & testaments by me made.

    In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty seventy Day of December one thousand seven hundred and fifty and further I command the case of this will To my friend George Carrington to see it
    Executed & I give him five pounds to buy a suit of mourning at my Death.

    Joseph Hooper (LS)

    Sign'd Seal'd & Delivered in presence of us
    as my last will & testament
    William Howard
    John Stinson

  • unllin July 2015
    Thanks for the valuable information on George Hooper. He was my 5th great-grandfather. His plantation was Arcanum. Someone else mentioned Joseph Mayo. My information says that Joseph Hooper (George's uncle) emigrated from Devonshire England in the early 1700's and traveled to Cumberland Ct with his three first cousins; Joseph Mayo, Maj. William Mayo and Col. Jogn Cabell. Joseph Mayo's will freed his slaves after his death in 1791, but Joseph Hooper did not. I would like to discover the surnames that Joseph's enslaved people carried. I only know some first names, as mentioned in his will: Ben, Jude Dinah, Moll, Sarah, Jeffery, Peg, Harry, Cate, Cuffe.
  • unlwilliamf January 2016
    I grew up about 3 miles from Aranum. I have a plat from about 1853 that shows route 633 as Hooper Road. Can anyone confirm that route 633 was named Hooper Road and that is was named after George Hooper. Thank you.
  • unlmelissa August 2016
    Hello Everyone! My name is Melissa Hipolit, and I am a reporter for WTVR in Richmond, Virginia. I am doing a story about this database, and I would like to talk to someone who is using it to do research. Do you mind sending me an email or giving me a call? My email address is:, and my phone number is (804) 396-0306. Thank you very much. Melissa

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