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The Booker family of Prince Edward County, VA
  • gpeakswade February 2012
    I am searching for information on my ggg-grandfather Edward Booker. He was a slave on the Booker Plantation in Prospect, VA. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • My great-great uncle married an Elizabeth Booker who was born in 1877 in the southern portion of Prince Edward County(Meherrin, Hampden District), my uncle name was Mac Walton. I am almost certain that Elizabeth, often called Lizzie, was the daughter of Jane Booker. I am not certain of her father's name. She had a younger sister, Lucy, who she helped raised.
  • gpeakswade August 2012
    Thanks for responding. I will research the above names.
  • Dianeb March 2013
    Pls visit http://genealogy edward/census_1866_children_of_ceased_cohabitation.html

    I found many Booker listed...Benjamin, Edwin, Fanny, Page, and Amelia who's father is noted as Edward Booker. Their last owner noted as James Wotten, their father's last owner as James T. Logan. Their place of birth is noted as Prince Edward County.
  • gpeakswade July 2013
    Can't wait to check out. Thanks so much for the information.
  • 2William_Lee September 2013
    I am searching for my great-great-grandmother Martha Booker mother and father. Martha was born in Kentucky and she had one daughter Cora Booker Lee. Martha lived in Farmville, Va. I was informed that her Father was J Lands/Landes and her mother was M Lands/Landes. I was also told that there quite a few Lands/Landes family in Farmville.
  • unlyc December 2015
    Morton, I saw your post about Lizzie Booker having a younger sister named Lucy. My maternal 3xs great grandmother was Lucy Booker from the Booker Plantation which I believe was originally in Cumberland Co., VA then moved to Tennessee in 1828. Slaveholders were Merritt H. Booker, Peter Richard Booker (brother) and Sally Booker-Garland (daughter to Merritt). Lucy married Horace Webster who was from Tennessee. Lucy lived and died in Barton Co., KS. She was born 1810 or earlier....
  • unlmelissa August 2016
    Hello Everyone! My name is Melissa Hipolit, and I am a reporter for WTVR in Richmond, Virginia. I am doing a story about this database, and I would like to talk to someone who is using it to do research. Do you mind sending me an email or giving me a call? My email address is:, and my phone number is (804) 396-0306. Thank you very much. Melissa

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