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Green Family of Prince Edward County, Virginia
  • gpeakswade February 2015
    I'm looking for information on William J. Green (b 1837) and Mary Green (b 1845). They lived in Prince Edward County, Virginia. The family was owned by Thomas T. Treadway.
  • unlinez March 2015
    Closest match is from The Cohabitation Register for Prince Edward County contains the following information about a William Green:

    William Green age 28 born in Charlotte County, Virginia.
    Last Owner: Charles Crawley
    Occupation: Shoemaker

    Wife listed as Martha, age 24 born in Prince Edward County, VA
    Last Owner: Thomas Treadway

    Children: Mackey Green age 4; Thomas age 2
  • gpeakswade August 2016
    Thanks so very much for the information you provided. Their children were Makee/Mackey Green and Thomas Green. I will now research Charles Crawly. Again, thanks!
  • unlmelissa August 2016
    Hello! My name is Melissa Hipolit, and I am a reporter for WTVR in Richmond, Virginia. I am doing a story about this database, and I would like to talk to someone who is using it to do research. Do you mind sending me an email or giving me a call? My email address is:, and my phone number is (804) 396-0306. Thank you very much. Melissa

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