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Jacob Parrish of Amherst County, Virginia
  • Timothius01Timothius01 December 2011
    Does anyone have information regarding the slave owner of Jacob Parrish of Amherst County, Virginia? Jacob was born in 1810 in Virginia. He married Sarah Brown. The 1870 census indicates he and Sarah resided in Amherst County (Court House), Virginia where Jacob worked as a Farm Hand. The 1880 census lists his occupation as a Wagoner. Jacob's and Sarah's children were George Parrish, Napolean Parrish, Roberta Parrish, Martha Parrish, Sallie Parrish, Elizabeth Parrish, and Signora Parrish.
  • unlsuzanne June 2017
    This might not be related, but I'm looking for a Jacob in Amherst County who would have been the mulatto son of William Macon Waller of Amherst. I don't know when he was born, but probably between 1800 and 1840. All I know is that in possibly the 1840s, Waller's wife writes to someone that she can't sell Jacob because he his her step-son. Waller had a wife before this one, but had no sons with her. So, it appears Jacob could have been born of an enslaved woman. If that ever rings a bell, please contact me. Thanks!

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