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  • Hello, Beaudreau . . . I read with great interest your post on the 'Slaves at Flowerdew Hundred & Tar Bay Plantations in Prince George Co., VA' discussion. I believe your grandfather, Charles H. Marks II, and my grandmother, Rosa Eva Marks Harrison were brother and sister. I am a 'sporadic' genealogist, but have been looking for information on our great-grandfather Charles Harrison Marks, the VMI cadet. Would you be willing to share info and sources? I do not have much, but do have a Marks lineage that goes back to the 1600's.

    By chance, did you ever attend (in the 1980's) one of the Marks-Harrison reunions, either in Prince George County or in Williamsburg, set up by my aunt Emily Peebles Harrison Inge? We may have met at one of those . . .
    February 2013
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