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  • I read with considerable interest the account on Henderson Gee of Lunenburg County, Va. I'm rather certain he was my great-great-grandfather. My mother, Clorann Boswell Bagley, once wrote a poem about his life, and the family cherished a fictionalized account, Christmas Week at Bigler's Mill, published in 1895 centered on Gee. According to the family, the story was told in the household where Gee's daughter, Sarah Gee Jefferson, worked. She had left her two children, dubbed "Lize Jane" and "Ned" in the book with their grandfather, given the pseudonym "Simon Dee." "Lize Jane" was actually Cora Jefferson. I am trying to track down information on Henderson Gee's father. According to our accounts, it was his slavemaster, who willed to his son 300 acres of land. I would welcome any details or sources you could offer.
    October 2015
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