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  • Supermom11
    I don't know if those are his parents.. Where did you see that info? I have been looking like crazy
    December 2013
  • There were lots of Mines at Reedy Church.
    April 2013
  • Ms Kim - Names and dates of your earliest Mines relatives in Caroline would be helpful.

    Check out the co-habitation registers for Caroline County in 1866:
    April 2013
  • Hi again - If you know his mother and sister's names, that would be very helpful also where they may have been located later on in life. Sometimes there's information on death certificates that could be useful.

    If you know roughly where he may have lived at some point in his life, this could be helpful. The 1940 census records (and earlier) are online. Drop me a private message if you want to talk about how to get you started.
    December 2012
  • Queenie joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    September 2012

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